Calgary Personal Shopper and Personal Stylist

WARDROBE DETECTIVES is a leading Calgary-based personal shopper, fashion consulting and personal stylist company managed by me, Gabi Conac. Affordable, functional and accessible are three main values that define my approach to fashion and describe the company’s main services.

Gabi Conac - founder of Wardrobe Detectives, personal shopper, fashion consultant and personal stylist in Calgary

Gabi Conac is a personal shopper, fashion consultant and personal stylist in Calgary.

In a nutshell

“I believe that a functional wardrobe is one of the keys to personal and professional success. A carefully built style will boost your confidence reaffirming your skills and strengths. Therefore, investing into your personal style should be an activity you can afford. And choosing the right personal shopper and personal stylist will actually save you money and help you earn more in the long run.

Online, i use my blog as a platform to showcase my styling expertise to the clients and readers. Wardrobe Detectives is also engaged in collaborating with corporate clients for styling workshops and bespoke events. 

The mission

Many studies have found that better-looking people tend to earn more and enjoy more success among peers, within the workplace and business. I believe that each person is unique and has an amazing potential. And it breaks my heart to see people held back because they find it hard to hack their wardrobe and conquer the fashion trends. I found this to be my mission:

“Help clients develop a personal style and own functional wardrobe by providing accessible high-quality fashion-consulting services.”

The idea is fairly simple: we assess the current status of the wardrobe and help you build towards a complete, versatile and functional wardrobe. As a result, you end up having a wide range of fabulous outfits for any occasion.

“I am trying to break some big misconceptions about having a personal stylist. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. Our services are accessible to every person. Style should be affordable and democratic!

Personal Shopper, Stylist and more…

Most of the clients tend to jump straight to personal shopper services or personal stylist services. What I suggest is approaching the process step-by-step. I strongly advise the clients to go for a wardrobe audit first. This will help us set the strategy towards building a fully-functional wardrobe. We are also able to identify the missing pieces that we can later address.

The personal shopper service is probably the most requested and searched for by the clients. I will be able to point you towards most relevant shopping spots and help you find items you love. As a result, this will save you days and maybe weeks of your time in the process.

The personal stylist service will help you combine your wardrobe items into amazing outfits for work, meetings, official events, dates and all the other occasions.

I am also glad to provide help for special events and business styling for your company. In order to start working together:

  1. request a quote for the services you need;
  2. I will be able to assess the request;
  3. we can agree upon a meeting;
  4. I will gladly offer my feedback regarding how to best address your needs.


Contact Gabi for our personal shopper, personal stylist & fashion consultant services in Calgary.