My name is Gabi Conac and I am founder of Wardrobe Detectives. Wardrobe Detectives is a fashion consulting agency, that provides image consultant, personal shopper, personal stylist, event and business styling services. The agency operates in Calgary. The mission is to help clients develop a personal style and own functional wardrobe by providing accessible high-quality fashion-consulting services.

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Gabi Conac - Image Consultant in Calgary

Why the job of the Image Consultant is important for me

As an Image Consultant, I find it very important that your appearance reflects your personality and serves as an advantage in achieving your personal goals, rather than something that is holding you back. A functional wardrobe can indeed become one of the keys to personal and professional success and my goal is guiding you through the process.

I also believe that the success of each of us starts with our self-confidence. Therefore fashion is much more than a set of clothing items. In fact, fashion is the language, through which we project our personality onto the world. And it is very important that your image reflects your best self!

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